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Erasmus + What is it?

The Erasmus programme is a mobility scheme organized by the EU to enable students to study in European educational institutions for a set period of time, with the studies completed abroad being fully recognized in the student’s country of origin.
The Erasmus Charter sets out all of the rights and obligations of an Erasmus student. The Charter is given to all students before they start their placement in the destination country.

Mobility Requirements

If you would like to take part in the programme, please read the following carefully.
When completing and sending the application, it is important that:

You are enrolled as a first-year university student and have passed the first assessments in all of your courses.

If you are enrolled as a second-year university student, as well as having passed the first year, you must have passed 100% 
of the courses in the first semester of the second year. This would be the case for students taking the 2×3 mode.

When undertaking the mobility programme, you must be enrolled as a second-year student on an advanced vocational training programme (CFGS). You must not have exceeded twelve months on mobility programs per educational stage, counting both study placements and internships. These twelve months include all the mobility programs undertaken, regardless of the area of studies, whether it is within the framework of the new Erasmus+ program of the old Erasmus programme. Participants must have the nationality of a European Union Member State or a non-member state that participates in the programme. In the case of foreign students, they must be in possession of a residence permit to live in Catalonia.

Terms and conditions for the Erasmus+ programme
Application for the 2022 call
2022 Call for applications – Advanced vocational training programme


Mobility Destinations

Currently, Deià in Barcelona has bilateral partnership agreements in place with the following colleges and universities:

Mobility grants and financial aid

For study purposes, the students selected for an Erasmus mobility programme have access to the following grants:
Grant awarded by the European Commission and processed by the Autonomous Body of European Educational Programmes (OAPEE by its Spanish acronym). The average monthly amount of the mobility grants for students for the purpose of study is specified in the national call for applications and is subject to the limits set in the call for proposals of the European Commission.

During the mobility placement, students continue to be eligible for any grants or loans that they may normally receive for educational purposes to study in their institution of origin. Erasmus mobility grants are supplementary to national and/or regional grant schemes, even in the case of schemes that offer remuneration to cover additional expenses for studies undertaken abroad (Sepie).

Supplementary grant awarded by the Ministry of Education. This is a national grant awarded to all students selected for a study placement abroad. It is compatible with the European grant.

Ajuda — Ministeri d’Educació: grant awarded by AGAUR, the University and Research Financial Support Management, to students at the Catalan universities or higher art education centres in Catalonia who have been selected to take part on an academic mobility placement to help towards the funding required for studying abroad. Mode C: academic placement with academic recognition within the framework of the Erasmus programme and other international mobility programmes, aimed at students at higher art education centres in Catalonia.

These grants are fully compatible with any other private grants that students may receive to fund their placement abroad.
Generalitat — Beques i ajudes


Documentation required
for mobility programmes

This is the documentation that must be completed and attached in PDF format. It must not take up more than 10 mb.